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page last updated: 28July 2000

NEW: A sensorimotor account of vision and visual consciousness, by J.K.O'Regan & A. Noë, revision of July 14, 2000, for Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

NEW (with change blindness demos): Experience is not something we feel but something we do: a principled way of explaining sensory phenomenology, with Change Blindness and other empirical consequences, by J.K.O'Regan & A. Noë: talk given at ASSC 4, Brussels, June 29-July 2, 2000.

What it is like to see: A sensorimotor theory of visual experience, by J.K.O'Regan & A. Noë,  submitted to Synthese, Feb. 2000.

Flicker and mudsplash CHANGE BLINDNESS demos

CHANGE BLINDNESS to very slow changes  (needs shockwave plugin).

Nature article on Change blindness caused by "mudsplashes"

Selected publications

Change Blindness

Rensink, R.A., O'Regan J.K., & Clark, J.J. To see or not to see: the need for attention to perceive changes in scenes. Psychological Science, 8:368-373. 1997

O'Regan, J.K., Deubel, H., Clark J.J. & Rensink, R..A. Picture changes during blinks: looking without seeing and seeing without looking. Visual Cognition, 7, 1, 191-212, 2000. view penultimate draft

Rensink, R.A., O'Regan, J.K. & Clark, J.J. On the failure to detect changes in scenes across brief interruptions. Visual Cognition, 7, 1, 127-146, 2000. get pdf file of penultimate draft

O'Regan, J.K., Rensink, R.A. & Clark, J.J. Blindness to scene changes caused by "mudsplashes". Nature, 1999, 398, 34.  view penultimate draft and movie demonstrations of the effects

O'Regan, J.K. Thoughts on Change Blindness. to be published in: L.R. Harris & M. Jenkin (Eds.) Vision and Attention. Springer. view Nov. 1, 1999 draft.

"Filling in" the blind spot, visual qualia, and the theory of the "world as an outside memory"

O'Regan, J.K. Solving the 'real' mysteries of visual perception: The world as an outside memory. Canadian Journal of Psychology, 1992, 46, 461-488. view penultimate draft

O'Regan, J.K. The world as an outside memory -- no strong internal metric means no problem of visual acuity. Commentary in Behavioural and Brain Sciences, 1994,17, 270-271.

O'Regan, J.K., No evidence for neural filling in -- Vision as an illusion -- Pinning down "enaction". Commentary on Pessoa, Thompson & Noë, "Finding out about filling in". Brain and Behaviour Science, 21, 1998

O'Regan, J.K. & Noë, A. The sensorimotor contingency theory : toward a new account of vision and visual consciousness. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. under revision.

Lack of translation invariance in vision

Nazir, T.A. & O'Regan, J.K. Some results on translation invariance in the human visual system. Spatial Vision, 1990, 5, 81-100.

Reading and "optimal viewing position" in words:

Lévy-Schoen, A., & O'Regan, J.K. Le regard et la lecture. La recherche, 1989, 211, 744-753.

O'Regan, J.K. & Jacobs, A.M. Optimal viewing position effect in word recognition: A challenge to current theory. Journal of Experimental Psychology, Human Perception & Performance, 1992, 18, 185-197.

Reilly, R.G. & O'Regan, J.K., Eye movement control during reading: A simulation of some word-targetting strategies. Vision Research, 1998, 38, 303-317.

Nazir, T.A., Jacobs, A.M., & O'Regan, J.K. Letter legibility and visual word recognition. Memory & Cognition, 1998, 26 (4), 810-821. view penultimate draft

Clark, J.J. and O'Regan, J.K., Word Ambiguity and the Optimal Viewing Position in Reading, Vision Research, 1998, 39, 4, 843-857

Gautier, V.,  O'Regan J.K. & LeGargasson, J.-F. ìThe-skippingî revisited in French : programming saccades to skip the article ìlesî. Submitted to Vision Research, March 1999. view penultimate draft

Visual illusions

Ninio, J., & O'Regan, J.K. The half-Zöllner illusion. Perception, 1996, 25, 77-94.

Past and current research topics

Summary of past and current work

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